Blogs, Websites and Newsletters for the Pharma Marketing Professional

So what blogs, news-feeds and web portals do you have bookmarked?

The world of pharma, med-tech and life science moves so fast. Not just with the new developments from the CMO's, but also from the legislation that governs the industry. In addition to this, you have the constant mergers and acquisitions - there is a lot to keep on top of.

Here are a few websites and blogs that work for me.


Boasting of being 'your daily dose of med-tech news' this site is a great news service with a very useful e-newsletter that provides a great daily newsletter summary of everything from early supply chain, big pharma news, company information and a handy link to Qmed resources as well.


These guys produce a nice e-newsletter that has a weekly roundup called 'five things for pharma marketers to know' which I find very useful. It does tend to cover big pharma more, but never the less, it's a nice newsletter to get.


This s a good mix of pharma and med-tech sales and marketing news with coverage of PMGroup’s online hub. It is a leading source of pharmaceutical and healthcare news. Its verticals include news, intelligence, thought leadership and appointments.


Pharmalot is produced by Stat, a national publication from Boston Globe Media Partners with coverage of health, medicine and life sciences. Ed Silverman, a senior writer at Stat, has covered the pharmaceutical industry for two decades and has closely He has previously worked at The Wall Street Journal. A strong pedigree of writing and a wealth of knowledge. The caveat being it‘s quite US-biased in its coverage, but none the less a very useful site.


A great site to bookmark. Their mission is 'to provide busy professionals with a birds-eye-view of the BioPharma industry in 60 seconds'. A great round up on the drug discovery, clinical trials, M&A, regulatory, manufacturing, and marketing. Dive covers several sectors from food to mobile to supply chain, but the healthcare portal is well worth a look.


This is a really informative blog and is a must-read for insiders. The author John Mack, the marketing pundit and accomplished blogger, popularly known as the “Pharma Guy,” is the editor and publisher of Pharma Marketing Blog. His blog and twitter are well worth a follow.


A good blog covering the latest information on research, business development, sales and marketing strategies and policies taking place in the biopharmaceutical industry. A well organised and designed site, it's well worth checking the latest headlines at the foot of this page.