Orientation Marketing Announced as Sponsors of Crimson Performance

Orientation Marketing are excited to support the launch of a new UK-based cycling team, Crimson Performance Race Team.

Crimson Performance Race Team are a team looking to grow and outperform bigger teams based on their attitude and ability. Orientation Marketing identified a lot in common with the team, sharing similar values.

The agency will support the team during events and competitions throughout the forthcoming season.

“Orientation Marketing Ltd are really excited to be involved with Crimson Performance Race Team as the team’s title sponsor. We are impressed by the team’s ambition and vision, and when speaking with Matt about the opportunity it was immediately apparent we were a great fit for each other” said Orientation Marketing’s Chris Lawson.

“Aligning our brand with a healthy and active sport such as cycling helps us promote a lifestyle synonymous with our clients’ objectives. Being keen cyclists ourselves we look forward to standing on the roadside sharing in Crimson Performance Race Team’s achievements throughout the season.”

Find out more about the partnership here.

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