The pharmaceutical sector involves the discovery, development and the manufacturing of drugs and medications by public and private organisations around the world. Following major advancements across the board, this sector is now large and complex, and comprising of many supply chain layers.

The sector has become contract-led, with organisations collaborating with other organisations to ensure the delivery of an effective pharmaceutical product. Procurement and outsourcing is the norm. The complex nature of the manufacturing process, including the varying materials concerned within this process, means that business-to-business relations are immensely important.


This happens throughout the entire product life cycle, from research and discovery to testing and development. Visibility is crucial for organisations operating within this specific environment. Marketing B2B pharmaceutical organisations to other pharmaceutical organisations requires a methodical approach, that due to the nature of the industry, comprises of both traditional and modern digital marketing methods.

Orientation Marketing’s experience lies in this sector. Since our inception, we have worked with a number of large-scale organisations to increase awareness of those organisations and their products and services, subsequently generating more leads to allow them to thrive. We do this by working closely with media partners, accessing new audiences via digital and print campaigns and providing best-in-class content. We then develop inbound programmes to nurture those audiences, with specific buyer’s journey content, to bring qualified leads and prospects to those organisations.

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